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Taking a Photo With Aaron Paul

I called Aaron Paul a bitch last night. It was super random and yet I imagine many have similar encounters with him. He seems to post about random fan interactions now and then on Twitter. But I wanted to write this down.

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Oscar Analysis With Biting Commentary: 2014 Edition!

Just like last year (see here: http://t.co/zXFjfmwikb ), Matt will provide his thoughts on most of the Oscar categories, minus a few he really doesn’t know about, still including opinions on things of which he has very little knowledge. Alex will add comments, likely mocking Matt when he can. It’s an annual tradition!

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A Look Back - Season 5A of Breaking Bad

8 episodes. It’s a little short, but that was the plan all along, so at least the season isn’t stunted the way S1 is. But S5A does a good job of showing how long it takes to get to the top, even if no one’s in your way.

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A Look Back - Season 4 of Breaking Bad

Season 4 of Breaking Bad seems to be the favorite season for most people (though depending on how the S5B ends, I’ll be curious to see if that overtakes it). It is a pretty awesome season.

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A Look Back - Season 3 of Breaking Bad

S3 of Breaking Bad is a marvel. It’s a fascinating show for the way it was written and put together, for the peaks it reached in certain episodes, for just all sorts of things.

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A Look Back - Season 2 of Breaking Bad

Season 2 of Breaking Bad was a notable improvement over S1. For starters, the season’s plot begins with a bang… the ticking time-bomb that is Tuco (man, Matt nailed the alliteration in that sentence!).

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Theory for Breaking Bad S5E14

This is a quick theory that I have about Breaking Bad S5E14 (aka next episode if you’re reading this before Sunday, September 15). After reading lots of pieces about last week’s episode, which I thought very highly of, I thought of one random idea that I hadn’t heard in other recaps or comments. So I figure I might as well note it now. If this is what happens, then awesome. If not, then uh, well how easy is Breaking Bad to predict? Give me a break, bro.

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A Look Back - Season 1 of Breaking Bad

Matt will go through each of the past five seasons of Breaking Bad, with some quick thoughts and look-backs. He will attempt to say things that others haven’t, mostly. But shrug, who knows. Each post will have many spoilers.

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An Email Chain on Yeezus, and a Meandering Debate on MBDTF

After seeing how each track from Yeezus fit into Kanye’s larger body of work, we decided it was high time to discuss the album on its own merits. What follows is an email exchange between Matt and I from several weeks ago, tackling all things Yeezus, with bonus contributions from our hip-hop correspondent Kavi D.

I’m in normal font, Matt’s in italics, and Kavi is in bold.

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Yeezy Season Approaching: Kanye Song Rankings 2.0

Can we talk our shit again?

Even if we don’t hit again?

Is it lame to write so much about Kanye? Perhaps we are succumbing to joining all the other media and “hipsters” and such for lifting Kanye up too much and writing so damn much about him. But screw that. We listen to a lot of Kanye and genuinely are huge fans of his, we can write about him if we want.

We last ranked Kanye’s songs (from studio albums) 2 years ago. With the release of “Yeezus”, we decided it was time for an update. We re-ranked our songs, incorporating new songs and making adjustments after looking back with two extra years’ time. And admittedly, probably just shifting songs a few spots around based on random chance. We have listed the top 25 songs below (last time we wrote about 20 of them), and we mention where they were ranked last time. At the end, we’ll also have Matt’s top 5 snubs and Alex’s top 5 snubs, if you wanna keep reading for some reason.

There are a lot of great songs that didn’t make the cut. Shoot we enjoy listening to most of the 74 songs we ended up ranking. But we figure this is a fun exercise to try to focus on what we like the best. And again, some of the snubs might just be random chance. We are basically averaging two people’s rankings; there’s not a lot of data there. That’s life. If you don’t like it, well you forgot about two things (wait, what?). Anyway, here are our rankings (and spoiler alert: we did not include “Never Let Me Down” again. Sorry bros. Jay-Z and J-Ivy still… “let us down” on that song.):

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