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NBA Finals: Spurs and Heat Run It Back

This post consists of a series of emails between Alex and Matt. OK maybe we just went back and forth on a Google Doc. Whatever.



The rematch. This matchup is huge. I’ve tried to avoid reading too many preview articles so as to come up with my own thoughts.

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TND Co-Op Presents: NBA Playoffs SlugLine Round-Up

With the NBA playoff pool shrinking to three teams (four if you count Indiana), TND has expanded its rotation with some guest contributors for the conference finals round! A disclaimer: some of this was written before Heat-Pacers Game 1, but we’ve kept it as is anyway.


A big shout-out and thank you to guest pod members Casey, Ferras, and a returning Kavi D.


This post is a long one, so lets get right to the juice:

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NBA Playoffs 2014: Round 2 - Amazing Happens All Around

And thus ends one of the craziest Round 1s in NBA history. An absurd amount of Game 7s, huge plays (that Kevin Durant 4-point-play is basically a footnote), and drama. It almost makes you buy the whole Best of 7 set-up until you remember that this round lets teams have 3 days between games, multiple times. C’mon Adam Silver. You’re conquered Donald Sterling. Now you gotta conquer the season setup.


Alex is recovering from the pain, and Matt is reveling in #wizparty glory right now. We had more correct picks on the Wiz/Bulls series out of two people then ESPN did out of like 17. Come on, ESPN “experts”. Some more of you could take an underdog pick on a 4-5 matchup. You’re not gonna get killed for it. Shoutout to Alex’s boy Bill Simmons for predicting the Wiz to make it to the ECF… he may have been sharper on that than any of us. Including Matt.


We’ll be making revised picks at the end. Matt will mostly take the East, Alex the West. Admittedly, we might not have as much to write about here after going in re: these teams last time… but The Nice Dolphin believes in going forth… it’s all in the game yo.

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NBA Playoff Preview 2014: Where Amazing Happens Again!

The Nice Dolphin is back with our 10th post in 2 weeks! Uh. Yeah. Alright not quite. It’s been a while. But we’re back!

First, a shout-out to our fans. Matt would like to give props to long-time reader Mary C., who recently noted her approval of the blog. Thanks Mary! We do it for our fans, or for the tons of money we get for writing this!

Matt wrote most of the East section, Alex wrote most of the West, so you can mostly assume that when we are talking in the 1st-person. You’re smart people, you’ll figure it out. We go series-by-series for the first round with some discussion of the teams’ futures in the playoffs. Predictions are at the bottom.

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Taking a Photo With Aaron Paul

I called Aaron Paul a bitch last night. It was super random and yet I imagine many have similar encounters with him. He seems to post about random fan interactions now and then on Twitter. But I wanted to write this down.

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Oscar Analysis With Biting Commentary: 2014 Edition!

Just like last year (see here: http://t.co/zXFjfmwikb ), Matt will provide his thoughts on most of the Oscar categories, minus a few he really doesn’t know about, still including opinions on things of which he has very little knowledge. Alex will add comments, likely mocking Matt when he can. It’s an annual tradition!

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A Look Back - Season 5A of Breaking Bad

8 episodes. It’s a little short, but that was the plan all along, so at least the season isn’t stunted the way S1 is. But S5A does a good job of showing how long it takes to get to the top, even if no one’s in your way.

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A Look Back - Season 4 of Breaking Bad

Season 4 of Breaking Bad seems to be the favorite season for most people (though depending on how the S5B ends, I’ll be curious to see if that overtakes it). It is a pretty awesome season.

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A Look Back - Season 3 of Breaking Bad

S3 of Breaking Bad is a marvel. It’s a fascinating show for the way it was written and put together, for the peaks it reached in certain episodes, for just all sorts of things.

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A Look Back - Season 2 of Breaking Bad

Season 2 of Breaking Bad was a notable improvement over S1. For starters, the season’s plot begins with a bang… the ticking time-bomb that is Tuco (man, Matt nailed the alliteration in that sentence!).

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